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“Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.” Louis Armstrong

Our instruments

You already know that we can give you an interactive percussion session like no other, but did you know that we also make the drums that you play in your interactive session?

Michael has a workshop in the Drummond Valley in which he handcrafts these beautiful Djembe and Ashiko drums. He uses mostly alien woods (Jacaranda and Camphor) and will happily accept custom orders with your choice of wood! For more information on our drums look on our INFO page, or use out CONTACT page to request a fact sheet from us

You plant the note, together we’ll grow the music!
What we REALLY want to share with you is our interactive drumming and percussion session. 60 minutes of totally hands on energised interaction, fun, laughter and expression. You need no drumming knowledge or skills – none, zero, zip – just willing hands. The session is one of the greatest ways to build a team and grow the bond between colleagues. Dropping your guard and letting go for an hour is both fantastically invigorating and therapeutic; just take a look at some of the really great thoughts and feelings from our clients. Their messages are at the bottom of each page. Happy, bonded, content teams!

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Interactive Talking Drums Sessions

To book a Talking Drums session at your school, office, or anywhere, get in touch with us and we’ll create an interactive learning and fun experience you’ll never forget. Our team is equipped to travel across South Africa if required

Products for sale

Own your own handmade drum

Would you like to own one of these beautifully handcrafted drums?
Contact us and place your order!

“The group really enjoyed the session which helped us break the ice with the delegates from different countries around the world. I particularly appreciated the focus being on the group making the music rather than the instructors playing to the group.”

Adam Balarin – Unilever

“I received such a kick out of seeing the happy relaxed expressions on the staff’s faces. The special spirit in which you conduct your sessions is the priceless ingredient, you give of yourselves absolutely and completely, and this is what touches the participants the most, apart from your incredible skill. We look forward to our next get together!”

Kerry Smith – Town Hill Hospital

“I would like to extend a special word of thanks to you and Mike for participating in the Heritage Festival at Gateway. Talking Drums was an absolute highlight and although I did not participate, just being a spectator was an absolute thrill.”

Sharon – Heritage Festival